Powerline.io Play
8 veto, 3.9/5

Powerline.io is a 2D unblocked at the school multiplayer game that was influenced by the very famous and popular game of Snake made by Nokia. Rather than a snake eating little pieces and becoming bigger, you consume energy bursts that help you grow. The point of the game is to scurry around level by level and halt your opponents to kill them because that is the primary strategy in gathering enery bursts. In order to slay your opponents, you have to either intercept them or force their front end touch a part of your body. Once they touch your body, they’ll be slayed and their energy will be left for you to collect and grow in size. There is a technique that is available that will bolster your speed, but it comes at a cost of decreasing in size so use it wisely. You should also watch out for the borders as well because once a part of your body make contact with a border, your electricity will be lost. This game is rigorous and very fun as well. So, step into the ring and let’s see how you handle the pressure.  


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