MooMoo.iO Play
112 veto, 4.0/5
MooMoo.iO is a combative .io game which basically collecting resources and building your own village. Collecting resources will not be easy you have to work hard to improve your village and defend your village against another players attacks. You have to collect resources immediately to upgrade your village. You need resources will make walls and windmills. The walls will provide you with a protection of your village and your marked resources and windmills other players attack. The windmills will give you so much point after certain time pass. You need to gathering fruit from fruit brushes by hitting them you can collect fruit. You can use fruit to restore your HP point. Just like other .io games the main theme of this game is to level up to advance level of the game by using collected resources. After you level up you could choose differed upgrades every upgrade will provide you different points.  Be careful because other people should be your enemy!


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